Are you looking for a place to sleep in Bordeaux? Creative studio during weeks, Airbnb on weekends, Sabine opens her doors to us!

Sleep in Bordeaux, Airbnb Miss_Etc
Sabine or Miss_etc, inspiring and inspired Bordeaux.

Today we introduce you to Sabine or Miss_Etc, a full-time stylist and photographer, a teacher of applied arts in another life. Sabine is our second meeting of inspiring Bordeaux residents and her designer and contemporary apartment, in the heart of Bordeaux, does not go unnoticed.

Bienvenue dans ses habitudes !

Hi there Sabine !

Anaïs : Bordelaise by birth or adoption? Tell us about yourself and your relationship to this city, to «Sleeping Beauty».

Sabine : I was born in Bordeaux. When I was a student this city seemed very quiet but it has been catching up a lot in recent years! I’m delighted with the effervescence that reigns here and of the many beautiful projects that are being created. I’m nevertheless apprehensive because I’m afraid that it grows too quickly, and that it will change the city. I would like that we can keep this «Bon vivre» that is so Bordeaux.

Anaïs : You have an apartment in the heart of the Saint-Pierre district, a creative studio during the week, Airbnb over the weekend. Was it deliberate that you chose an historic part of Bordeaux ?

Sabine : This little studio was the perfect opportunity. I appreciate having everything nearby, it’s super central. It is a lively neighborhood and also very quiet during the day because it is closed off to cars. And there is a true village spirit here, everyone here knows and greets each other. I really enjoy coming to work there.

Sleep in Bordeaux, Airbnb Miss_Etc
An Airbnb in Bordeaux with a sleek design

Anaïs : Can you tell us more about this apartment? How did the idea of renting to individuals come about ?

Sabine : I have been working independently for 4 years. The first 3 years I worked from home, I really needed to separate my work space from my private life.

However, I need to work in a living space to make my photos. I needed a small apartment more than an office, so I renovated the studio as a home, with a sleeping area, a bathroom with bathtub and finally, a lot of cupboards, to store all my equipment !

Sleep in Bordeaux, Airbnb Miss_Etc
A colourful, compact and functional kitchen.

Anaïs : What are your little extras that you don’t find in hotels for example or in other apartments?

Sabine : I think the decor is a real plus : an atypique studio with a mezzanine bedroom, the living room is uncluttered all white from floor to ceiling, the colourful, compact and functional kitchen…

And, it is centrally located, 2 minutes from the water mirror (le Miroir d’eau) and the Place de la Bourse, and 10 minutes by tram from the train station. My neighborhood is full of restaurants, no need to go far at night. Visitors also appreciate being able to cook if they wish, which is not possible when staying in a hotel. This is a little extra that saves a meal or two on the budget while spending a quiet and cozy time at the apartment.

Anaïs :Who are your clients?

Sabine : I have as many Instagram subscribers as people who do not know who I’m and who are coming via the Airbnb platform. This is an atypical studio with a mezzanine bedroom. The apartment is situated in the hyper-centre and it attracts young couples in love, mainly in their thirties and accustomed to urban getaways.

Sleep in Bordeaux, Airbnb Miss_Etc
A creative studio during the week, Airbnb over the weekend.

Anaïs : For us, we explore a city much better by walking in the footsteps of its inhabitants. So what is YOUR Bordeaux? Your ideal day?

Sabine : I live in the Bassin à flot, near the old submarine base, it’s a neighborhood that fascinates as much as it repels. It is seems hostile from the outside but I find it pleasant and calm. This is my anchor point. I move about by bike, mainly along the docks. My usual spots are all nearby.

Strolling in the Chartrons to buy me something trivial, or useful, at Coutume.

Have lunch in my neighborhood or in the vicinity of place Fernand Lafargue.

In fine weather, I cross the Pont de Pierre bridge to go to the other side of the river, to cycle in the shade of trees there, or have a drink, feet in the sand at the Chantiers de la Garonne. The view of sunset over the city is superb from that side.

Anaïs : Finally, what are your favourites places for a meal, for shopping or a place not to be missed?

Sabine : Easy one !

Restaurants: Madame Pang or Chez Dan and Symbiose, with le Taquin and Echo close behind.

Shopping: Coutume, Lodge or Nicoletta by Lodge and La Garçonnière.

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