“Le Passage leads the way. We start by drinking coffee in the bistro, we continue on our way by visiting the second-hand market and we round off with a lunch or dinner at the restaurant”.

In the square of the same name, Le Passage Saint-Michel sums up the soul of this district. On the programme: bistro, brasserie, second-hand and vintage market, gathered in one single passage/voyage where it feels good to slow down.

The (usually) sunny terrace of the bistro is the first to receive us. The places are in demand when the weather is nice but they offer a breathtaking view of La Flèche and the bustle of the place on market days. Espresso cups, (cigarette butts) and glasses of wine remain on the tables and invite us to take a stroll.

“We have our own wine which is a blend created especially for us by our winemaker Bruno Baylet of Château de L’Hoste”.

A café on the terrace, nothing more French than that.

Second-hand market or brasserie, it’s your choice! The second-hand and vintage goods market is independent of the restaurant but contributes to the general atmosphere. We breathe in the air of china, the useful, the rare or the unusual. Furniture, decor and curiosities are gathered in an immense space of 650m2. There is something here for all generations, and the trick is to rediscover childhood memories and dive back in time.

A view from the “passage”

From one of the 19 flea-market stands

Finally, the restaurant welcomes all, from second-hand dealers to tourists, regulars or the curious, whatever the season may be. A veritable institution since 1997, this retro-style brasserie offers regional dishes in an surprising setting.

The eyes do not know where to settle but the tongue recognizes the flavours of traditional dishes, slightly revisited. Le Passage upholds a French cuisine without pretensions, thankfully, with just about the right balance, something which we enjoyed. The dishes are well matched with a genuine passion for local, fresh and seasonal tastes.

Zoom on the Duck Breast

For the price of 17.90€ we were able to savour a tatin duck confit, porcini mushrooms and potatoes accompanied by a Perigord sauce (shallot, foie gras, port wine and cognac). Go for it, it’s the specialty of the house!

Le Passage Saint-Michel
14 Place Canteloup
33800 Bordeaux (Map)