The Swedish capital of Stockholm ranks among some of the most popular destinations for leisure and business travelers in Europe. The city and its one million inhabitants are spread across 14 islands in the archipelago by the Lake Mälaren, just off the Baltic Sea coast.

Known world-wide for being home to the Nobel Price, Stockholm boasts a variety of historically important attractions, as well as a vast array of museum such as the maritime Vasa Museum and Fotografiska, the Swedish Museum of Photography.

Header photo of Stockholm © Henrik Trygg – Visit Stockholm

The Stockholm region is also home to three of Sweden’s World Heritage Sites which covers different defining periods of Sweden’s history; Drottningholm Palace, Birka and Skogskyrkogården.


Drottningholm Palace Park - Photo Jeppe Wikström - VisitStockholm
Drottningholm Palace Park – Photo Jeppe Wikström – VisitStockholm


Royal Domain of Drottningholm

Drottningholm Palace Park Gate, Stockholm, Sweden - Photo Tove Freij - VisitStockholm
Photo Tove Freij – VisitStockholm

The Drottningholm Palace has been home to the Royal family since 1662 and houses, among many things, a 300 year-old theater, The Chinese Pavilion and a magnificent castle park. The palace was constructed according to a French prototype by the architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder. The palace features magnificent salons from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a beautiful park, a unique palace theater and a Chinese Pavilion. The imposing Baroque garden was laid out beginning in 1681. The palace and the park are mostly open to visitors year round.

Drottningholm Palace Theater (Slottsteater) is the best preserved eighteenth century theater in Europe, and the only one in the world that still uses the original stage machinery on a regular basis. The Slottsteater has guided tours and performances during the summer.

Birka and Hovgården

Birka is an old Viking outpost and archaeological site where you can meet the legendary Nordic seafarers. The dig site and museum is just a boat ride away, 2 hours along the sparkling waters of Lake Mälaren.

Skogskyrkogården – Woodland Cemetery

The Woodland Cemetery stands out as still being in use on a day-to-day basis by local Stockholmers. The serene surroundings and beautiful architecture by Gunnar Asplund offer a unique location for a quiet walk.