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IN Editions is all about exploring iconic places

An icon is a symbol of sorts, representative of something outstanding, places which are special but not necessarily well know. The Eiffel Tower is an icon, Taj Mahal is an icon, and so is the Sydney Opera House. Lesser known places, relatively speaking, such as La Grosse Cloche in Bordeaux, is also an icon in the minds of the Bordelais.

I am using Bordeaux as an example because the city is a special and beautiful place to live in, brimming with places to visit. Some of these must-visit spots are historic and have longs since become icons. Others, like the spectacular Water Mirror and the audacious La Cité du Vin, are modern constructions yet already on their way to become iconic spots that you just have to see and experience if you have the chance.

Bordeaux is also special because it the first city to be featured in our traveller and visitors application for smartphones – the IN Bordeaux app – coming soon! 

More on all this shortly. In the mean time please enjoy the IN Editions website. We are in the process restructuring the content so please bear with us.

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September 2018